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Orthopedic surgeries being performed under an image intensifier to add to the precision of the surgery.
Gall Bladder surgery being done at Ammar Complex with a laproscope without giving a full surgical incision as is required in an open gall bladder surgery.
Pain management clinic being planned at Ammar under the guidance of a GMC (uk0registered anaesthesiologist!

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About Pakistan
Officially, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country located in South Asia
Ammar Medical Complex became fully operational in the year 1997. It started functioning in almost all major medical and surgical specialties with the help of consultants and professionals who had obtained their post graduate qualifications and training from various prestigious teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. From the very beginning, great emphasis was laid on high quality and standards of medical care. The facility was extremely fortunate in terms of being able to form a team of consultants who were highly qualified and vastly experienced in their respective specialties and strict disciplines were laid down for hiring of the nursing staff and Para medics that form an essential part of the services offered to our patients. Over the past ten years this hospital has provided medical services in a variety of areas including trauma surgery, cosmetic surgery, facio-maxillary, orthopedics, gyne/obstetrics, pedriatic surgery, gastro-enterology, pulmonology, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, infectious diseases, ENT, general and laproscopic surgeries etc.

Ammar medical complex has been adapting to the modern day requirements in the diagnostics and curative aspects of the diseases and is also engaging itself and it's resources towards meeting the requirements in medical and health tourism. 

Orthopedic Surgery
Surgeries done in routine include, knee joint replacement, hip joint replacement, ankle replacement... Cosmetic Surgery
Neurosurgical procedures like V-P shunt, laminectomy, surgeries for abnormal blood vessels... Cosmetic Surgery
Gynecological and Obstetrical
Several gynecological and obstetrical procedures are performed at our centre some of which include the D.N.C(dilatation and curettage)... Cosmetic Surgery
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
Procedures performed in ear nose and throat speciality include adenoidectomy, FESS(Functional endoscopic sinus surgery)... Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic surgery procedures done at Ammar include, rhinoplasty(nose job)... Cosmetic Surgery
Anaesthesia Services
Anaesthesia services at Ammar Complex are in line with the international practices. In fact surgeons who have worked in western countries... Cosmetic Surgery